Creative Sight is one of the leading Drone companies in Denmark specializing in inspection, thermography and video.

What can we do for you?


Creative Sight has extensive experience with diverse inspection tasks. Inspection of wind turbines, masts, buildings, bridges and offshore are some of the tasks that we perform. We have a specially developed software and hardware that can detect exactly where the damage is.
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Creative Sight has established cooperation with the nationwide thermography company BL-Thermography, to offer our customers the best result. BL-Thermography specialize in thermography, while we take care of overflight of hard areas.We make a detailed report that you can immediately act upon

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Creative Sight's portfolio of drones is structured such that our drones and gimbal is closely aligned with each other. We have a wide range of camera types, and therefore can put together the optimum drone setup -and thus adapt it to just your project!
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