Creative Sight is one of the leading Drone companies in Denmark specializing in inspection, thermography and video.

Please contact:
+45 61686021

What we do for you?
Creative Sight is a drone consulting company that finds solutions to complex tasks for small and large businesses. We specialize in inspection and thermography for energy companies and construction sites as well as video material for both film and commercial advertising. If your business, your market, your organization, your audience or your problem is a challenge of the type call on anything but a standard solution. then you should consider calling uss.

Our mission
That we show the industry that tasks can be solved professionally, creatively and safe with drones. To develop our company as we are one of the leading drone firms. The fact that our customers always have the confidence to complete the task in the best way, safe and quickly. 

Besides us three owners / pilots, we have a wide network of creative people, everything from camera operators to film editors. Our goal is to give 'the best service with the right people. We take great pride in that our employees are well trained and have extensive experience in their respective profession in Creative Sight


The first meeting is always free and never boring. We can meet on the phone, by mail, skype, social media.

Please contact:
+45 61686021 


Sebastian Duus
Pilot & partner, Aarhus
+45 28180581 

Benjamin Mejnertz
Pilot & partner, København
+45 61686021

Mads Jørgensen
Partner, København
+45 26188785

Allan Fyhn
Marketing Manager
+45 42325331

Tommy Nielsen
Drone Pilot
+45 42379215

Martin Knudsen
Drone Pilot
+45 29855582

Stefan Sikmanovic
Drone Pilot
+45 29855582