Creative Sight

One of the leading drone firms in Denmark specializing
in thermal imaging of district heating pipes.

With a great overview of the district heating network, categorized in severity and urgency, and easier planning of O&M activities, heating plants can benefit greatly from combining existing thermal cameras with drone technology

Our close collaborator, BL Termografi, with more than 35 years of experience within the district heating industry, allows us to focus on our key competencies – drone technology. Therefore, our customers can benefit from experts within both district heating and drone technology.

The unique thing about collaboration with Bl thermography is that we are able, as the only ones in the country, to assess and categorize damage from professional knowledge. With Bl thermography in the back, we have more than 35 years of experience and can spot a leakage and create a report directly on a site after thermography.

Thermal inspections of district heating pipes have been performed in more than 30 years including handheld camera and car-mounted thermal cameras. The challenge of such methods is the limitations of coverage by car or feet since leaks or damages in the pipes can occur in a backyard or other non-accessible areas. Utilizing drones ensures 100% coverage of the pipes in the respective area. We integrate the best available thermal camera into our safe drone system, ensuring high quality imaging and maps for our customers to obtain an overview of the pipe’s condition and an in-depth analysis of where and when to act upon.

Creative Sight performs the drone operation to localize leaks from November to April where the temperatures is optimal for identifying leaks. We operate during nighttime to reduce noise in regard to nearby citizens in the area who will be notified through text message or other available communication systems. We obtain all necessary permits for the respective drone operations in populated areas, informs the police in the region, and our drone operators are always happy to answer any of your questions.

Following the drone operations, all data is analyzed thoroughly by an expert from BL Termografi. This analysis will be available in the platform, Scopito, including a thermal map of the area, three categories of leaks based on urgency and impact, and a report of the analysis. Besides the solution being available in Scopito, we also support you in integration of our solution into your own GIS-system according to your preferences. As the solution is digitized, you will be able to follow the condition of the pipes over time, as our solution will be available at all times.

How it Works:

Meeting and Needs

We meet and discuss your needs and expectations. From your proposed area and needs, we make an offer of how we can help you.

Data Collection

Our drone operators will ensure safe flights and collect all data for post-processing. During the flight, the drone operators will monitor critical leaks for you to act on as soon as possible.

Analysis of Images

All images are analyzed individually, and leaks/damages are categorized into severity 1, 2, and 3.

Thermal Orthophoto

All images will be stitched into one thermal orthophoto, which you will be able to access through Scopito or/and your preferred GIS system. Here, all points of interest will be illustrated in the three categories and act as a powerful tool for future actions.