Creative Sight

Inspection is all about optimizing the performance of your assets,
where we allow customers’ decision-making to be driven by data.

Creative Sight has extensive experience from a variety of inspection tasks. Our offerings include on,- and offshore blade inspections. We focus on drone technology and collaborate with experts from the wind industry to provide a complete solution for you to act upon.

Our superior high-resolution camera setup allows You to take the necessary actions to optimize performance of the wind turbine. The camera provides data down to the smallest details, and identifying potentially performance degrading defects is essential.

An example of which is presented here:

Advantages of Drone Inspection

State of the art inspection system

High resolution images

The safest available method of inspecting

Cost efficient inspection procedure

Less downtime, more precise, extremely flexible

We collaborate with Industry experts, ensuring complete inspection package

How it Works:

Meeting and Needs

We meet and discuss your needs and expectations. From your proposed area and needs, we make an offer of how we can help you.

Data Collection

Our drone operators will ensure safe flights and collect all data for post-processing. These images combined with precise location data are key in minimizing the effect of defects.

Data Storage

We store all data from your inspection which is available to you at any time.

Image to Recommendation

All images are processed and analyzed, and we provide work instructions, consultancy, and maintenance strategy – all based on your needs.

Data Management

We offer a map-based inspection platorm, providing you a great overview of the historical and current conditions of blades0 for you to optimize.


Challenges and Solutions

Creative Sight’s drone-based solution has always provided wind turbine owners a better experience and better results.

Less Downtime due to a faster procedure and documented analysis.

Upto 50% fewer climbs and lesser unsafe working hours.

Upto 50% reduction in inspection

Faster reparations of blade defects and larger power generation per turbine.