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Creative Sight is one of the leading drone companies in Denmark specializing
in inspection, district heating, and video.


With an extensive experience of diverse inspection tasks, Creative Sight has
the best-
in-industry system ready for precise inspection in any industry.


Together with BL-Thermography, Creative Sight is capable of providing a detailed
report that you can immediately act upon.


Give a new life to your project with Creative Sight’s optimum drone setup
with gimble and a wide range of cameras.

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Creative Sight has extensive experience in a wide range of inspection tasks such as on- and offshore wind turbines, masts, buildings, and bridges. From several years in the drone industry, a large portfolio of customizable equipment and drone operator competencies have been obtained to identify potential optimizable areas of interest.


District Heating

In collaboration with the nationally recognized thermography company, BL Termografi, we have located damages and leaks in district heating networks across Denmark for several years. As we leverage from 40 and 11 years of experience in the Danish district heating industry and drone industry respectively, we have combined our efforts in minimizing our customers’ heat loss.

Lipi features

PV Panel Inspection

Creative Sight along with Z-laser and First-Light has developed an innovative drone-based solution for fast and accurate inspection of photovoltaic (PV) plants in operation called LIPI (Laser Induced Photoluminescence Imaging).


Commercial Video

Creative Sight’s portfolio of drones includes a customizable solution for your needs. As Creative Sight has been building and operating drones for several years, a variety of tasks has been performed. Depending on your needs, we can arrange a wide range of drone setups – including different gimbals, cameras, etc. – and thus adapt to your project.

Creative Sight

Creative Sight strives to utilize its significant experience to become a key part of the supply chain within green energy by developing and performing value-adding solutions and activities based on customers’ needs.

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