Creative Sight

Creative Sight is a leading drone service company specializing in adding value for customers through customized drone technology and sensors.

Our mission

The CreativeSight team aims to demonstrate to the onshore and offshore industries that the challenges of green transition, safety, time, and complexity can be professionally and safely addressed using advanced UAV and RPV technology.

What can we do for you?

Creative Sight is a drone service and consulting company boasting a dynamic team of dedicated professionals. We excel in providing solutions for a wide range of tasks, catering to both small and large businesses. Our expertise extends to leveraging drone technology for various inspections, serving homeowners, energy companies, and construction sites. Additionally, we create videography content for film and commercial advertising purposes for numerous clients. If your business, market, organization, or audience faces challenges that align with our expertise, we would be delighted to assist you.

A wind turbine on the side of a large body of water.

Our projects

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Meet the team

We have a wide network of creative people, everything from camera operators, film editors to 10+ pilots. Our goal is to give the best service with the right people. We take great pride in that our employees are well trained and have extensive experience in their respective profession at Creative Sight.

Benjamin Mejnertz

Pilot & Partner, København

Sebastian Duss

Pilot & Partner, Aarhus

Mads Jørgensen

Partner, København

Stefan Sikmanovic

Drone Pilot and Business Developer

Kenneth T. Hansen

Business Developer

Jeppe Schwert-Hansen

Account Manager

Loreto Leiva Barreiro

Business Development intern

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