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Creative Sight is a leading drone service company, specializing in delivering added value to customers through customized drone technology and sensors.

Our advanced visual inspections increase your safety, save money and time, empower you to enhance the efficiency and intelligence of your critical infrastructure and capital projects.

Our close collaborator, BL Termografi, with over 35 years of experience in the district heating industry, enables us to concentrate on our key competencies – drone technology. As a result, our customers can benefit from expertise in both district heating and drone technology.

BL Termografi

With our advanced drones, we conduct rapid and precise inspections of structures, including bridges, buildings, and pipes, as well as natural environments like farms, forests, and coastlines. Our high-quality cameras and sensors capture detailed data. Our skilled operators navigate challenging locations, providing real-time data and cost-effective, safe inspections for various industries. We deliver reliable information for informed decision-making and proper asset management.


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