Renewable Energy

Our engagement with the wind energy sector stems from our collaboration with technology providers for the wind industry

Wind Turbine Inspections:

Our drones are pre-programmed with geo-referenced 3D trajectories for inspecting wind turbines. We have been conducting manual inspections of wind turbines since 2018. Presently, we leverage this accumulated data and knowledge to develop a system for the automatic inspection of wind turbines.

While following the planned routes, our drones capture several images, with the actual number depending on the camera specifications, flight altitude, and post-processing performance (overlap between images). All images are georeferenced using the UAV position at the acquisition time, and these images are subsequently stitched together into a single picture that highlights the locations of any damages.

We provide this data to clients according to their preferences, either in raw files or as a damage report that outlines the severity of damages on a scale from type 1 to type 5.

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Benjamin Mejnertz

Drone and Aerial Robotics advisor

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