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We are developing a drone system solution to reside on the ship, connecting port operations on the ground and at sea.

Creative Sight, in collaboration with Upteko, has been consistently involved in the maritime industry since its inception. Together, we are developing a drone system solution to live on the ship, connecting port operations on the ground and at sea, with insights from the sky. This system includes a drone and a charging station for the drone to be installed on the ship. The drone can autonomously perform a variety of tasks and then fly back to charge its batteries, while staying protected against the weather.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the maritime industries in conducting lengthy and expensive inspections and other operational tasks, Upteko’s software and hardware drone system allows for 100% automatic inspection of a ship in less than 2 hours. Having a permanent drone on a ship will be extremely helpful in various cases, ranging from Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, vessel docking, dry dock inspections, fire hazard detection, to situational awareness, among other functionalities.

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Benjamin Mejnertz

Drone and Aerial Robotics advisor

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