City and district inspections

Inspection is all about optimizing the performance of your assets, where we enable customers' decision-making to be driven by data. We provide extensive experience in roof, building, bridge, and chimney inspections.


We have developed unique software and hardware that can precisely detect the location of damage. We utilize reference points, fixed points, or can set one or more locations on the object. The exact location and dimensions of the damage are then incorporated into a photo of the damaged area.

We consistently seek opportunities for improvement in inspections through the use of drone technology. Currently, we are involved in inspection projects within PV panels, vessel inspections, and district heating. In these projects, we combine innovative existing technologies to visually inspect, monitor the condition of assets, and gather data from batteryless sensors.

Creative Sight possesses extensive experience in various inspection tasks, including on and offshore blade inspections. We specialize in drone technology and collaborate with experts from the wind industry to deliver a comprehensive solution for you to take informed actions.

Our superior high-resolution camera setup enables you to optimize the performance of the wind turbine. The camera provides detailed data, allowing for the identification of potentially performance-degrading defects, down to the smallest details.

Ready to ensure the efficiency and safety of your PV panels, vessels, or district heating systems? Reach out to us now for professional inspection services.

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Benjamin Mejnertz

Drone and Aerial Robotics advisor

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